Mobile Application Development

Android App Development in Hyderabad |Potlatech


In this Digital world, almost everybody is well familiar to an Android operating system. According to research, this is the most prevalent and most utilized mobile operating system in current days. step by step android app development is growing rapidly with its new updates which certainly give further developed offices and easy to understand interface. We at Potla services Technologies provide android app development services to our customer at an affordable price. Our skillful team having modern knowledge of most recent Android release designs with beneficial android applications.

We have proficient and technically knowledgeable mobile apps developers. Our developers have inside and out learned of significant stages or systems utilized for Android app development. With a  gathering of a group of more than 6 dedicated developers, designers, and creative specialists, we can provide on-demand capacity to help you meet challenges, tight deadlines and promises to the marketplace.

Potlatech solutions, mobile application development provides customers with an end-to-end solution (apps) that includes analysis, design, development, testing, and delivery.

  • Our mobile application development services include:
  • iPhone Applications
  • Android Applications
  • BlackBerry Applications
  • Windows Mobile Applications
  • Cross-Platform Mobile Application
Digital Marketing

Facebook Ads Services in Hyderabad |Potlatech

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To advertise your products and services online to the fastest possible audiences, you maybe need to invest in some proven social media channels. Out of which, Facebook marketing services given by Potlatech Solutions are the best that gives business owners a brilliant opportunity to specifically associate with their clients who are keen on acquiring the promoted services.

Over the previous years, we have grown effectively and turned out to be a powerful Facebook marketing company which is focused on giving the upgraded client commitment and traffic to your targeted service pages.

Being a Facebook advertising company, Potlatech Solutions presents your business in a creative manner so that everyone looking over the Facebook page gets to that page at least once. We have an energetic social media marketer’s team which applies proven techniques that are needed to promote your digital marketing services among the targeted and non-targeted customers.

Including Facebook as your promotional tool will lead your business too far and disregarding it can result in damaging your marketing campaign. To facilitate you and your business, we categorize our Facebook advertising services into three parts depends on your marketing objective that is Awareness, Consideration, and Conversion.

Mobile Application Development

Hybrid App Development in Hyderabad |Potlatech


A hybrid app (hybrid application) is one which combines the elements of Web and native applications. The native apps are created for a particular platform as well as installed on the computing device. The web apps are generalized for various platforms and never locally installed but made obtainable over the internet merges the overall strengths of HTML5 and native programming mobile app development.

For building the hybrid mobile applications, simply a native wrapper required written for every operating system and mobile device. Potlatech solutions can reduce the app development time by creating wrappers with the software.

We are the highly experienced hybrid app developers who use the applications to make supporting an array of mobile devices in many enterprises.  We use the best approaches to develop the hybrid mobile application for various operating systems and mobile devices.  It is helpful to know that the hybrid mobile apps are offered by the app stores simply like the native mobile applications. They are only downloaded as well as run on the mobile devices. We use the hybrid App Development technique to develop the hybrid applications with more effectiveness and better accuracy.

  1. We follow the requirement of clients and provide service within the time limit
  2. You will always get accurate and convenient apps
  3. We analyze the customer requirement and understand the application development ideas then apply it to give the best output.


Mobile Application Development

Native App Development in Hyderabad |Potlatech



For companies concentrated on user experience, native mobile apps are the best wager. Native apps are developed in a specific programming language like Objective C or Swift for iOS and are worked for the gadget.

Nothing beats native apps Development when it comes to performance and reliability Users can operate these apps without internet connectivity. Native apps are more instinctive than their hybrid counterparts.

They get full help from relevant application stores. They are also additionally secure in nature.

We will help build a customized native mobile app which will address your particular business problems. Potlatech has helped associations achieve a significant competitive advantage by providing cost-effective solutions and accelerating their street to the market.

Digital Marketing, Google Ads Services

Google Ads Services in Hyderabad |Potltech

Google-Adwords-Changes-Name-To-Google-Ads.jpgGoogle Ads Services is an online advertising service created by Google, where advertisers pay to show brief advertisements, service offerings, product listings, and video content inside the Google advertisement system to web users. Google AdWords’ framework depends somewhat on treats and halfway on catchphrases dictated by sponsors.

It encompasses the use of paid sources to get the most extreme number of clients to visit your site. A reliable marketing tool, Google AdWords fills in as a snappy, straightforward and financially as a steady flow of traffic on your website.

It is the ideal methodology if the business is not getting enough traffic organically, with the help of conventional SEO techniques alone. With SEM, the site design improvement techniques are used in combination with the paid advertising techniques to get speedy and effective results for the business.